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Twittering Tuesday

Barbara Vey -- September 30th, 2008

I know I’ve mentioned Twitter to you before, but it’s hit a new high.  Seeing into the lives of your favorite characters one sentence at a time.

Twitter is a social network…  I joined several months ago and now have 310 people following me and I follow 200.   Twitter asks, "What are you doing?" and you just type in whatever.  Some examples: 

It’s 49 degrees here this morning. Gah!

right, off to my oh so boring lecture about POETRY (damnit)

Tonight we are moving our 2 year old from a cot to his own bed. Nervous to see how it goes. Any tips anyone?

Think I will reference in my WIP that the economy is starting to recover, as a sort of hope for the future! A new form of urban fantasy! LOL

This isn’t an excuse but all 3 cats are clustered in my usual writing spot, & will *not* give ground! Am too soft 2 move them on. They rule.

Did anyone watch Extreme Home Makeover last night? The preview for next week’s show was my niece and nephew.SO exciting! Can’t wait.

I’ve been following authors, agents, editors, friends, my son’s friends, family and now those crazy folks from the Emmy winning Mad Men.  My son, Andrew, has been following the television series about advertising agencies that takes place in the 1960′s.   The characters talk as themselves about the other characters in the cast:

Midge Daniels:  On Broadway, signing petition to drop NY drinking age to 16. Why make em wait till 18? They’re going to get their hands on it anyway. ; )

Bertram Cooper:  I’ve been called delusional before, but not by a man who thinks his imaginary friend works in MY mailroom. That’s a first!

Betty Draper:  I’ve been thinking a lot about my mother lately. And my father. Wondering how they managed to keep a lot of marriage secrets away from me…

These are characters, talking about themselves and others in real time.  People follow the conversations because they want to know more about the characters than they already do and have a chance to "talk" to them personally.

So I was thinking about how this could help an author stir up interest in their books.  By creating personas of their characters on places like Twitter, where readers can interact with them in extremely short conversations, it would be almost like following a serial.  What are they going to say next?  And they sure wouldn’t want to miss a possible clue into the psyche of the character.  It takes a lot less time then thinking of and writing a blog, plus the benefit of new readers and buzz about your book.

Bottom Line:  After following the Mad Men characters for a while, I’m finally going to break down and watch the show.  See, Twittering worked (on me anyway)

Would you be willing to give Twitter a try?
You bet! Anything that will help sales of my book.
No, I don’t have time for anything else internet related.
Maybe, if it’s not too hard.
Other…(answer this in the comments section of the Beyond Her Book Blog) free polls

Dexter, Brewers, Paul Newman: Trifecta Monday

Barbara Vey -- September 29th, 2008

Well, the first ever Match the pet with the author/editor/publisher was a smashing success this weekend.  There’s still time to send in your pictures of Fluffy and Rover or whoever.  Since I ended up with over 80 pictures, the contest will continue to run every Saturday until there are no more pets left in the book publishing industry.

Here’s the answers to week one (Check out the pictures on Saturday’s blog):

Sam………………… Kristen Painter
Ginger………………Gena Showalter
Mia…………………..J.L. Wilson
Duchess…………….Lorraine Heath
Cartoon Dog………Marcia James
Rubber Duckie…..Mark David Gerson
Spike and Nia….Tori Carrington (Tony and Lori)
Baracko Llama…..Linda Howard
Linzey……………….Mark Henry

How did you do?  The official winner was Haven Rich for having the most corect answers.   And, as promised the winner for just posting a comment is Kate Pearson.  Please e-mail your snail mail addresses to so your prizes can be sent.  And thanks to the authors for sending in pictures of their precious pets.  Keep ‘em coming because this contest is not ending any time soon.


In other news, I was tickled pink to see the Showtime television show Dexter advertised on my blog site.  How cool is that!  I love the show in a very weird and uncomfortable way.  So, me and Dexter on the same page.  I hope David Boreanaz and Bones aren’t very far behind.

Leah Hultenschmidt, editor at Dorchester writes the Romantic Reads blogs, but she’s off to Italy (the brat) for 3 weeks attending The Women’s Fiction Festival (on my wish list for next year).  She’s asked me (along with several others) to guest blog in her absence.  I’ll let you know when my pearls of wisdom will be appearing there.

Milwaukee Brewers clinch wild card playoff spot

The best news this weekend was my beloved Milwaukee Brewers making the playoffs for the first time since 1982.  I was working for the team at the time and it was extremely exciting.  Especially the World Series.  I suddenly had friends coming out of the woodwork asking for tickets.  I wonder if I could get in with my PW press pass?

Paul Newman
George Kennedy feeding Paul Newman his 50th hard boiled egg.

The saddest news this weekend was the death of Paul Newman.  That man could melt your panties off with his laser blue eyes.  I saw Cool Hand Luke at least a million times and still cannot eat a hard boiled egg to this day.  "What we have here…is a failure to communicate."  Go forth and watch the movie if you haven’t already done so.  Paul was a movie star in every sense of the word.  Another legend lost.

Bottom Line: “The embarrassing thing is that the salad dressing is outgrossing my films.” ~ Paul Newman

Saturday Pet Special

Barbara Vey -- September 27th, 2008

I’m not sure I knew what I was unleasing when I suggested people send pictures of their pets and themselves so we could have some fun matching them up.  But it obviously has become very popular.  I have received over 70 entries and they still keep coming.  So, to make it easier and more fun, I’ll be posting every Saturday with even more chances to win.  (Problems with the server today prevented me from adding more pictures, sorry)  Answers will be posted Monday and winners announced.

Here’s the simple rules:  Send in a pic of your pet (real, stuffed, imaginary) and one of yourself.  Readers will try to match pet/owner to win fabulous prizes (like Pain and Panic characters from Disney’s Hercules).

Just match the people to their best friends.  Email your guesses to me at

As a special bonus, even if you don’t enter the contest, leave a message in the comment section below and your name will go into a separate random drawing for an amazing prize.  Just say, "It’s raining pets and books."

Take a gander at the pictures to see if owners really do resemble their pets.  So, have fun and good luck.

The rulers of the roost:




From Left:  Sam, Ginger, Mia, Dutchess, Cartoon Dog, Rubber Duckie, Baracko Llama, Spike and Nia, Linzey


The ones who pay for the food:




From Left:  Kristen Painter, Gena Showalter, Lorraine Heath, Mark David Gerson, Linda Howard,  Marcia James, Tori Carrington (Tony and Lori), Mark Henry, J.L. Wilson


Bottom Line: 
The way these authors write, I’ve got to believe the animals may have something to do with it.  It’s a mystery.

Your Turn Friday with a Beer Chaser

Barbara Vey -- September 26th, 2008
This llama is an entry into Saturday’s Contest.  Which author is the proud owner?

Yes, today is Your Turn Friday, so you’ll be able to comment on the books you’ve been reading lately and inspire others to do the same.  But before we get to that part, let me tell you what’s been going on at my end of the blog.

A couple of days ago I wrote about the many sighting of author’s pets (particularly cats) on author’s blogs lately.   I then offered a contest to match the author/editor/publisher to their pet on Saturday’s blog.  Well, the response has been nothing short of phenomenal.  I’ve received over 60 pictures so far. 

Since that would be a long and boring contest to match them all,  I’ve decided to run the contest every Saturday to get all the pets (real and imaginary) in.  So, starting Saturday, I’ll show the pictures of 10 pets and 10 authors and you, dear readers, will try to match them up for great prizes. 

Until then, here’s what I’ve been reading lately. 

Hotter After Midnight by Cynthia Eden
Hotter After Midnight by Cynthia Eden.  Dr. Emily Drake is a therapist to paranormal beings.  Detective Colin Gyth is a shifter, but it’s something he doesn’t want anyone to know.  They are thrown together to find the Night Butcher, a serial killer. 

Emily’s gift is to hear the thoughts of others, which she uses to help them with their phobias and midnight crises, but Colin is worried that she’s the one person who could expose him.

I picked this up thinking it was a hot contempory romance, but the first sentence, “The vampire on her couch had a series blood phobia,” made me sit up and take notice.  I breezed through this highly entertaining, sensual tale excited to know the next edition is coming out soon.

To Seduce a Sinner by Elizabeth Hoyt

Seducing the Sinner by Elizabeth Hoyt.  Lord Vale is left at the altar on his wedding day.  Not that he’s too upset about it.  Melisande Fleming rushes in to be his rebound bride.  He thinks it’s only to produce an heir, but soon is finding ways to learn her inner most secrets.  But he has secrets of his own from the horrific events when he was a prisoner of war.

Elizabeth once again weaves a fairy tale into the fabric of her story which ultimately leaves the reader craving more.  Touching, intriguing and sensual,  I never want this author to run out of these fascinating double dosage stories.

Dark Light by Jayne Castle

In my car, I’m listening to Dark Light by Jayne Castle.  Sierra McIntyre writes for the Curtain, a tabloid that sounds a lot like the National Inquirer.  Considering herself a serious journalist, she scores an interview with the new Ghost Hunter Guild boss, John Fontana, about the disappearances of retired hunters.  To keep Sierra safe while she’s snooping, Fontana proposes a marriage of convenience. 

This is the 5th book in the Ghost Hunter series, but you can easily start with this one.  An enjoyable read helped along by a dust bunny (pet of Sierra’s) who goes by the name of Elvis, dresses like him and has special abilities.  I have dust bunnies, but they have no special abilities except to multiply.

So now it’s your turn.  Feel free to let everyone know what you’ve reading lately.  I’ve heard from a lot of readers who get their book recommendations from what’s posted here.  So, don’t be shy, shout out your reads.

Bottom Line:  Tomorrow is Drink a Beer Day.  I’m mentioning it today because tomorrow starts at midnight and I didn’t want you to waste anytime celebrating this holiday.  For your additional enjoyment, here’s a link to beer recipes.

Now go find a good book to read while enjoying your beer.  (And don’t blame me if this song keeps running through your head all day)

Speed Reading: Friend or Foe

Barbara Vey -- September 25th, 2008

If you are reading this, I’m betting you all have piles of books to be read.  And like rabbits, they keep multiplying.  Even worse (or better, as the case may be), there are books that you enjoyed so much that you’d like to read them again.

I have books in several rooms that I’m reading, I keep a couple in the car along with audio books, there’s always 2 in my purse, on my iPod and now on my phone.  And still I can’t read them all fast enough.

So, someone sent me a link to Speed Reading.  It sounds like a great idea.  Read like a demon, comprehend every word and remember it.  Sounds too good to be true.  They offer a one hour online audio class.  I’m not sure how it works, so if anyone’s taken it, let me know.  I have heard that you have to read every other word and I guess I always felt that if the author took the time to think of the perfect way to say something, the least I could do is read every word (which is why I only listen to unabridged audio books, but that’s another blog).

World’s Fastest ReaderWatch the best video clips here

I’ve watched the video of this guy reading and I’d worry about paper cuts and callouses on my fingers.  (Personally, very boring, yet oddly comedic video, but come on, what do you expect when you watch someone read to themselves)

And is faster always better?  Wouldn’t that take away from the relaxation and enjoyment of a good book?  

Bottom Line:  As for remembering, I usually can’t remember what I just wrote on the grocery list, so I’m not sure a speed reading course would help.

Is speed reading for me?
Yes, I’ve got places to go and things to do. Sign me up.
No, slow and steady wins the race and for me, reading is relaxing, not racing.
Maybe, for textbooks and research, you know, boring stuff.
Other…(answer this in the comments section of the Beyond Her Book Blog) free polls

WW Ladies Book Club Blurbs

Barbara Vey -- September 24th, 2008

Yesterday’s blog about cats apparently touched a nerve with many of you as evidenced by the comments and personal emails I received.  So, to honor you and your significant other(s), I welcome photos of your pets and I’ll post them on Saturday.  To make it interesting, we’ll have a fun contest where you can match the pet with the owner and the winner (with the most correct guesses) will receive Disney’s Pain and Panic from the movie Hercules (I figured Pain and Panic fits into almost everyone’s lives).  So send your photos to me here.  (Also include a separate picture of yourself so we can play match the owner to the pet)

In the meantime, here’s the WW Ladies non-animal book blurbs of the week.

JoysannHara’s Legacy by Bianca D’Arc

Read by Joysann
When the aliens invaded Earth, life changed for everyone, if they lived at all. Urged by pre-cog Caleb’s vision of the impending upheaval, the three psy-talented O’Hara brothers, along with Caleb’s wife Jane, have established a sanctuary for themselves in the Canadian Rockies.  To live in this new world, social rules must be re-evaluated and changes must be accepted. In a bid for safety from alien control and science, brother Justin establishes contact with a female leader, resulting in a pregnancy, which brings an important member into the family circle, and hope for the changing world.   In this first of the Resonance Mates series, Bianca D’Arc’s adult science fiction is focused on the impact of calamitous change on society, and how the strength and love of family might be necessary for survival. Some may find her ideas unusual and graphic, but I found them suitable for the story, and enjoyed this sentimentally erotic romance.  

BevMulberry Park by Judy Duarte

Read by Bev
Claire, grieving the loss of her child,  takes up jogging in Mulberry Park to help her move past the grief. Analisa, grieving the loss of her parents, wants to send a letter to God.  She figures the best way for God to receive it is to put it in a tree in Mulberry Park.  The lives of several people from Mulberry Park become entwined, some are obvious and you can’t wait to see when they figure out how they are all related.  Hilda the nanny, Maria the woman with two children and one on the way, Walter the old man who came to the park to find someone to play chess with, and Trevor the quiet boy who played by himself in the park.

The story is part romance (always good!) and part human interest.   It moved quickly from one angle to the next – never a dull moment.   In one sitting I was done with the book and found myself wanting more.  Fascinating, complex and entertaining.  I want to go to Mulberry Park.

EmilyJust Desserts by Barbara Bretton

Read by Emily


Who knew that being a baker could make you famous? That’s what Hayley Goldstein thought when she was asked to make a birthday cake for a world famous rock star. She never imagined that he would turn out to be her long lost father. Finn Rafferty, the rocker’s lawyer, has been through this before; he makes it his business to know what is going on. But when he meets Hayley, all rational thought goes flying out the window. While going through the process of finding a father, and the feelings she is feeling for Finn Hayley realizes what things matter most in life.


I love reading a Barbara Bretton book. The characters are so entertaining, lively, and carefree, but when a wrench is thrown into the gears, everything falls apart. That is the case for Hayley.  I would love to have the perks to having a famous parent, but the downfalls are significant.  Most people don’t realize the everyday life to a celebrity isn’t all it’s cracked up to be.  Marriages are torn apart, and families are ruined forever.  Thank goodness for the HEA!

LorettaThe First Cut by Dianne Emley

Read by Loretta
A police officer plays a hooker to set up the ‘johns’ for arrest -  and for the wild abandon it gives her otherwise unhappy life.  She enjoys the gifts, money and drugs it affords her.  Unfortunately, she eventually meets the man who enjoys abusing and murdering her.

One of the detectives assigned to this case was almost a previous victim of this deranged killer.  The book is an intriguing and thrilling murder mystery which is extremely well written.  It is bound to keep you on the edge until the last page is turned.


JoysannThe Touch of Twilight by Vicki Pettersson The Third Sign of the Zodiac   Read by Joysann   Imagine a world in which every major city really does have comic book superheroes and supervillians. There are 12 of each in Light and in the Shadow, representing the signs of the Zodiac. Then let’s go to Las Vegas, the city where these stories take place. In the first book of the series Joanna discovered in a very hard way that she is Sagittarius, the Archer, and circumstances make her the fulcrum between the light and the shadow. She chooses to be with the agents of Light, but must continually prove herself to the others in her troop. In this 3rd book, Joanna is faced with 2 personal enemies, a shadow agent who threatens the life of her human love, and one even greater who rips tears in the fabric of the world to obtain Joanna’s soul.     I’ve been enjoying this series. The characters are interesting, the dilemmas are credible for the circumstances, and the heroine is sympathetic. Something different that I like is the scope of the thing; most fantasy crises are world-shattering.  In this tale, failure wouldn’t be the end of the world, but the loss of a city as they know it.  As we know it… oh, dear! I like Las Vegas…

Swept Away by Toni Blake

Read  by Emily 

Katrina "Kat" Spencer knew she didn’t love her fiancée and soon to be groom Ian Zeller, so she decides to take a vacation to think things over.  She retreats to her family’s private island, to soak up some sun, and dream of her future. But when she opens her eyes, she sees something out of a dream. Brock Denton emerges from the water handsome, and half naked.  Kat at first believes he is apart of her dream, until he speaks. He was the one man that got away, and now that she has him all to herself on a deserted island she has to figure out what it is she really wants. But with Brock comes danger, and a mystery that this sexy man has to solve. But once they return home, Kat has to make a choice. Does she follow her heart and admit her feelings for Brock, or take the easy path and marry the man her father has chosen for her?


With each chapter comes suspense, passion, and mystery. It all adds up to an exciting and thrilling read. Danger is lurking around every corner.

Bottom Line:   Today is Comic Book Day.  Celebrate by reading a comic book…really, how long can it take.

Cat-Alicious or Cat-tastrophy

Barbara Vey -- September 23rd, 2008

I’ve been noticing quite a phenomenon on author sites and blogs lately.  It’s all about the cats.

Seems every other website has pictures of cat adorning their desks, books, furniture or children.  Even if they aren’t pictures of their own pets, there are the cutesy ones that can be sent to friends on MySpace.  If that isn’t enough, there are videos galore of the soft, cuddly creatures.

I am not a cat person.  Never have been, even though we had cats as kids.  But everytime I’m visiting someone who shares their homes with cats, the animals are all over me.  The owners exclaim, "That’s funny, Snickerdoodles never goes near strangers."  Thank goodness I’m not allergic.  Not that I hate them, it’s more that I think they’re sneaky and will someday take over the world.  They are just biding their time.  Yes, I’m scared of them.

But back to the writers who embrace their four legged friends.  Some claim inspiration, some a sense of calmness and some a feeling of guilt ("My cat kept staring at me, so I knew I had to keep writing.")  I even found this YouTube video of Nevada Barr reading from one of her books:


Clea Simon and her inspiration

Other authors like Clea Simon uses her cat as a character in her books. And I’m sure there’s very few who haven’t read at least one  of Lilian Jackson Braun’s The Cat Who…(you fill in the blank) books.  Sorry, I don’t get it.  Please explain this extreme fascination to me. 

But what about you?  Do you own a cat?  Or does it own you?  Does it help in your creative process or just your sense of well being?  Or are you a dog person and feel cats are evil and out to destroy mankind?

Bottom Line:   "Dogs come when they’re called; cats take a message and get back to you later." ~ Mary Bly


Cats are like royalty and should be treated as such.
Yes, my cat rules our castle.
No, dogs rules and should be king of the castle.
Not an animal lover, but cute stuffed animals like Garfield are adorable.
Other…Please post in the Beyond Her Book comment section. free polls

This, that and the Other Thing Monday

Barbara Vey -- September 22nd, 2008
Me and Andrew ready for the walk

Sunday was the day for the PKD (Polycystic Kidney Disease) Walk.  I’m all set.  I’ve done my stretches, wore my most comfortable clothes, dressed in layers, didn’t have coffee and most important, went to the bathroom before I started (because there’s no place to stop between the starting gate and the finish line).

I’m walking for my 16 year old nephew, Nick and his dad, Mike who both have the hereditary disease that has no treatment or cure…yet.

We have a whole team here today including 4 sisters, 14 nieces and nephews, various friends and everyone’s spouses (and a dog).  My sister makes us all wear red t-shirts so we’re easy to spot in the mass of people walking (I think she picked red because she thinks she looks good in it).  The weather is picture perfect and I’ve done a quick Drive By Video™ of the group and 2 local authors who have book relating to PKD.  Thanks again to all who sponsored me for this wonderful cause. 

PKD Walk with Authors Jess Riley and Kelly Welsh and the Mustangs 2008 team

On to the news I’ve received this week.

From author/tv producer Marianne Mancusi:  Obviously there’s not a ton of positive television coverage on TV about romance novels. Well, I’m single handedly trying to change that! :) Recently I produced a feature for Better TV, the show I work on, about Sherrilyn Kenyon. It aired today on the show and is now up online.  I am trying to get as many views as possible so my bosses will see it’s popular and give me the green light to work on more romance related stories! (Everyone click on this video a lot so Marianne can continue to do her part for the romance industry)

If you enjoyed this, check out a couple of other of Marianne’s Better TV segments about romance here. Creating a Romance Novel Cover  and  Jane Green’s Beach House

Penguin ClassicsFrom Gabrielle Gantz:  Penguin Classics has partnered with the Union of Concerned Scientists to carry the legacy of classic environmental writers Emerson and Thoreau into the 21st century. The literary publisher and science group are inviting aspiring writers and photographers to submit their personal stories and images about global warming for a new online book, Thoreau’s Legacy: American Stories about Global Warming, to be published by the Union of Concerned Scientists in 2009.

Union of Concerned Scientists
To participate, contributors must write a 200- to 500-word first-person account of global warming that relates to their life or the world around them: a special place that they want to protect; people, animals or activities they love that are threatened by a warmer climate; or the steps they are taking to stem the tide of global warming. Or, they can send a photo related to these topics. The best submissions will be included in the online book and in a limited-edition hardcover version. The submission period closes November 15, 2008.

Contributors can submit their essays or photographs by clicking here.

And in a brilliant (in my opinion) marketing stragegy, author Brad Meltzer posted a video using a little league team and members of his grandmother’s nursing home to verbalize the reviews his new book, Book of Lies, has received.  The fact that the reviews blasted the book only seemed to help catapult it to the best seller lists.

Bottom Line:  If you would like me to make a video saying how crappy your book is, just let me know.  Always glad to help out.

Black Hole List

Barbara Vey -- September 19th, 2008

John Travolta
Some recent headline grabbing news was the biggest atom smasher and how, when it was turned on, would create a black hole that we would all be sucked into.  Well, they turned it on and (hooray for us) there was no black hole (unless we are living in the Matrix universe and just don’t realize it).

Then they dropped this bomb:

The world’s largest particle collider malfunctioned within hours of its launch to great fanfare, but its operator didn’t report the problem for a week.

In a statement Thursday, the European Organization for Nuclear Research reported for the first time that a 30-ton transformer that cools part of the collider broke, forcing physicists to stop using the atom smasher just a day after starting it up last week.

Ok, so it didn’t work, they’re going to putz with it again, and now there is another possibility being sucked into a black hole.

Rather than have a Bucket List, I felt it was time to create a Black Hole list.  Things I’d like to do/experience before being sucked into a black hole (in no particular order).

1.)  Visit Scotland.  A lot of my favorite books take place there, so I’d like to experience it first hand.

2.)  Take speed reading course so I can cram even more books in before the end

3.)  Meet and get hugged by Harrison Ford, Hugh Jackman, Johnny Depp, Jeremy Northam, William Shattner (once a Trekkie, always a Trekkie), James Spader, Kurt Russell and Brendan Fraser (once again, in no particular order).

The Amazing Race4.)  Be on the Amazing Race (and not get kicked off first)

5.)  Win a doorprize  (Any doorprize)

6.)  Have my book picked by Oprah (after I write a book, of course and have it be her first HEA)

7.)  Actually live out a scene from one of my favorite books where the hero sees me from across a crowded room and knows I’m the one, all the while thinking, "Mine."  (To be followed immediately by the scene that has you turning on the fan and chugging the cold drink)

Tim Gunn8.)  Get Tim Gunn to give me a makeover

9.)  Riding in a limosine with #7.

10.) Flying in John Travolta’s jet (with John and not Kelly)

I know, I left off all the stuff about my family and world peace because those are regular every day wishes.  

And don’t forget that today is Your Turn Friday, so post the books you’ve been reading lately and let everyone know what they’re missing.  Also, feel free to make your own Black Hole List.

Bottom Line:  Today is International Talk Like a Pirate Day.  Arrrggg and thanks to Emily Bryan for letting me know.  I may need to add Be a Pirate (or be with a Pirate) to my list.


True Blood…True to the Books?

Barbara Vey -- September 18th, 2008

I don’t have any television reception in my house, so when our ace book blurber, Joysann, said she watched HBO’s True Blood after reading all Charlaine Harris’ books, I asked her to write her thoughts on it. 
True Blood
  I was so excited when I read last year that HBO was making Charlaine Harris’ Sookie Stackhouse books into a series. I love the books, and have read them over at least a couple times. I was sure someone brilliant could bring those stories to TV quite well; there’s great stuff to work with. So now this long year later, True Blood has started showing! Do you know, we were considering cancelling our HBO subscription until we heard of this. We hoped it would be worth it, and, my stars, it is!

Anna Paquin and Stephen Moyer in True Blood   There’s been two episodes shown now, and, even though I know what’s supposed to happen next, I’m looking forward to seeing it. This one installment a week thing is a pain… I want it all NOW! True Blood stars Anna Paquin, who plays the lead character, Sookie Stackhouse, a barmaid in northern Louisiana. Sookie’s special "handicap" of hearing people’s thoughts makes her different and keeps her isolated. Upon meeting her first vampire (vampires have "come out the coffin" in Sookie’s world), she faces the disapproval of the community by befriending someone even more different and frightening than she.   As with anything that leaves the pages of a book to appear on a screen, some changes have been made to accommodate time constraints. Dialogue is compressed, and some characters are slightly changed or invented. But in my opinion, the essence of the first book is there, and the depictions of the key characters are fairly faithful. I’m not any hyper-educated or self-important movie critic, so I can’t judge the quality of the production, or nitpick the performances. And while, of course, there are things that I might have imagined differently, I’m willing to allow for them for now. Non-readers will have no comparisons to make, so I’m guessing they can be drawn into the suspense and mystery, and can find some exciting continuing entertainment. I hope it’s successful, because I’m really enjoying it. I’m planning ahead to Season 6 at least. 

Now we know Joysann’s take.  What about you?  Did you watch it?  Love it/hate it?  Other series that have worked or not?  What other book would make a good television show? 

Bottom Line:  Great…how long do I have to wait for this to come out on DVD?