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The PW Morning Report: Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Calvin Reid -- June 1st, 2011

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DC Comics Reboots the Universe! Well, maybe the DC Universe: DC is relaunching its classic titles with new numbers and simultaneous day and date digital/print release.

Amazon vs. NACS. College bookstore Association seeks to dismiss Amazon suit over ads for discounted textbooks.

The saga continues. Borders asks court for more time for turnaround plan.

Cave books. Her fans rejoice as Jean Auel returns with a new book set among prehistoric cave men and women.

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The case of the purloined trailer! Sony maybe has the trailer for the upcoming movie adaptation of Girl with the Dragon Tatoo removed from the web.

Let’s hope so. Does reading make us better people?

Gary Shteyngart Returns with A Book Trailer Sequel

Craig Morgan Teicher -- May 19th, 2011

Shteyngart and Felix brave Brooklyn in this new book trailer.

Gary Shteyngart has taken the art of the book trailer to a whole new level–with a sequel!  Remember Shteyngart’s hilarious book trailer for Super Sad True Love Story, featuring a cameo by the ubiquitous James Franco and an amazing performance by a former PW staffer?  Well, the paperback for the book is out, and  Shteyngart is back with another super funny video, this time featuring an extended performance by none other than Paul Giamatti starring as Shteyngart’s roommate.  There’s also a brilliant performance by Felix the Dog.  The hapless trio make a trip into the wilds of Brooklyn, where the illiterate Shteyngart has been asked to speak at a book club in one of Brooklyn’s famous “brownhouses.” The book itself makes only the briefest appearance.

Click through to New York Magazine to see the video; you will laugh a lot.

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A Stunning Book Trailer for Ryan Van Meter’s If You Knew Then What I Know Now

Craig Morgan Teicher -- March 8th, 2011

If You Knew Then What I Know Now from Sarabande Books on Vimeo.

This stunning short film/ book trailer for If You Knew Then What I Know Now, an essay collection by Ryan Van Meter, published by Sarabande books, is just beautiful and arresting, at least as far as this blogger can see.  It was made by filmmaker Tucker Capps with Van Meter doing the voice over, and it’s just a lovely example of how a text can interact with film to create something that’s not merely a commercial for the book, but a piece of art in itself.  Wish more book trailers were like this, instead of cheesy attempts at movie previews.