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Graphic Novels: Batman, Hawkeye and Saga among August’s bestsellers

Heidi MacDonald -- August 27th, 2013
Tracking graphic novels sales is difficult—they’re sold through two channels, the conventional bookstore/Amazon market, which is measured by Bookscan; and the direct sales market which consists of nearly 2000 comic book shops. Sales via comics shops are usually estimates based onsales charts released monthly by Diamond Comic Distributors. To compound matters, Bookscan measures consumer sales, while Diamond measures orders from retailers. Continue reading

What are the biggest comic-cons in North America?

Heidi MacDonald -- June 19th, 2013

It’s no secret that comic cons are getting more popular world wide—I just covered the triumph and occasional growing pains in this week’s Comic Con Culture on the Rise. These carnivals of comics provide fans of all ages with a chance to see celebrities, meet cartoonists, buy old swag and dress in elaborate costumes.

We all know that next month’s Comic-Con International: San Diego is the largest show in North America, and that New York’s own Comic-Con (held in October) is a fast rising #2, but what comes after that? Is it long established WonderCon or upstart Phoenix or something else? Using attendance figures from news sources and show-runners, and with the design wizardry of PW’s Matt White, we put together an infographic to show how shows rank and just how many Stormtroopers and Minecraft cosplayers are streaming through the halls of cons in the US and Canada. Continue reading