Ice-T Reluctantly Records a Dungeons & Dragons Audiobook

Rose Fox -- February 6th, 2014

As reported by Paste and The Verge and shared on Twitter by the inimitable @MaureenJohnson (who says “This… may be… the most important thing that has ever happened”), the third episode of Ice-T’s Final Level podcast episode recounts the rapper and actor’s experiences recording a Dungeons & Dragons audiobook with dialogue like “Outside I go, into the sun thereof.” He also complains about the difficulty of pronouncing various invented terms. Apparently a coach encouraged Ice-T through the traumatizing experience. “He was saying people have broken down trying to read that stuff.”

Ice-T concludes, “I told my manager… let me read some porno or something, a sex book. I know about that.” Shhh, don’t tell him about X-rated D&D fanfic!

Full podcast here. The discussion begins at about 2:20.

One thought on “Ice-T Reluctantly Records a Dungeons & Dragons Audiobook

  1. James S.

    Whoever thought this was a good idea has mostly likely struck gold – just like the person who got Samuel Jackson to read “Go the Fuck to Sleep.”

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