Triple Combo!

Rose Fox -- September 30th, 2013

Not content with mashing up two genres, some authors are combining three or more. These are the best I’ve seen recently.

Shapeshifters + romance + aquatic life = Someone to Cuttle by Luna Loupe

Cover image for "Someone to Cuttle".

Yes, that’s a cuttlefish shapeshifter romance. As far as I know this title is unrelated to Ally Blue’s infamous Eight Arms to Hold You, a novel of love between a man and a were-octopus.

Amish + vampires + science fiction = Amish Vampires in Space by Kerry Nietz

Cover image for "Amish Vampires in Space".

Navy SEALS + werewolves + romance = Hunter’s Heart by J.D. Tyler, part of the Alpha Pack series of Navy SEAL werewolf romances

Cover image for "Hunter's Heart".

Navy SEALs + werewolves + romance + Christmas = A SEAL Wolf Christmas by Terry Spear, part of another series of Navy SEAL werewolf romances

Cover image for "A SEAL Wolf Christmas".

I love those unabashed titles. Readers who pick up A SEAL Wolf Christmas or Amish Vampires in Space won’t have any doubt what they’re getting into. It’s clear the authors and publishers are having fun with these and not taking them too seriously.

What are your favorite triple-treat mash-ups?

4 thoughts on “Triple Combo!

  1. Ruth Sternglantz

    Rebekah Weatherspoon’s Vampire Sorority Sisters series (Book One: Better Off Red; Book Two: Blacker Than Blue) mashes up lesbian romance + urban fantasy + sorority girls, and the series name tells all. And yes, the sorority is Alpha Beta Omega (ABO).

  2. Susan Stokes

    My Favorite So Far Has Been “The Secret History of Elizabeth Tudor Vampire Slayer” Author Lucy Weston…Must find out who The Author Really is…Wonderful Book…A Paul Goat Allen Recommend.

  3. Alana Joli Abbott

    How about Max Gladstone’s Necromancers + legal thriller + urban fantasy? Three Parts Dead and (forthcoming) Two Serpents Rise don’t *scream* their mixed genre identities, but they are a trip and a half. :)

    Nice to see a “Genreville” entry again! I miss the old blog.

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