Chris Gore Delivers the Poop On Celebrities

Calvin Reid -- August 14th, 2013


celebritypoopEverybody poops, right? Or so we understand from Taro Gomi’s 1977 classic kid’s picture book of the same name. Now, thanks to Chris Gore, comedian, writer, “Podcrasher”, geeky film expert, and former G4TV personality, we also understand that it includes celebrities. Gore, along with the reluctant assistance of his artist/daughter Haley Gore, has self-published Celebrities Poop, a tongue-in-cheek send-up of Gomi’s classic kids’ book that provides more visual information on the topic than anyone probably wants.

Yes, Gore, who actually launched the book with a party and a show of original artwork from the book at Comic-Con International in San Diego, has reprised Gomi’s Everybody Poops with a goofy twist. While Gomi offered charming and childlike drawings of animals doing their business, Gore offers similiar childlike drawings of Larry King, Olivia Munn, Lady Gaga, Howard Stern, Michael Moore and many others, well, squatting for our edification. If you can’t figure out just who is being depicted taking a dump, there’s a helpful chart at the end of the book with all the names. No, the book is not for kids, and yes, it’s all for laughs and literally so.

Among his many talents, Gore does stand-up comedy around L.A. and he’s got a comedy album, also called Celebrities Poop, available as a download through iTunes. Gore says that back in the day, after a performance a comedian could sell CDs, but the download era leaves much to be desired—it’s not very sexy handing out download codes. “Rather than just offer a download code,” he told PW, “I can offer fans a book and a download code to the album. It’s an experiment.”


Chris Gore

Gore calls Celebrities Poop a fake kids book, “a page by page parody” of the original and says he even did research. “I went to a list of the most famous people in the world and looked through the top pop culture names and tried to pick the ones I thought would have a sense of humor about this.” The, uh, poopers depicted include Olivia Munn, a former colleague on G4TV, now starring in the HBO show News Hour. He indeed wrote the book himself—“it’s not that many words,” he added laughing—and dragooned his daughter Haley into doing the art. “She’s a very sophisticated art student who imitated the art style of the Gomi book,” Gore said emphasizing that Haley’s real artwork is very different. Haley apparently declined to be a part of this project at first but finally relented after appeals from dad. In a note in the book, she calls the artwork, “the illegitimate child I will hide under the stairs.”

The book sells for $19.95, includes the download code for the album and Gore has printed a couple thousand copies of the book and does all the fulfillment himself—he’s selling it through He says “the reaction has been great,” and added, “hopefully a real publisher will come along and take it over.”

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