Behind the Audio: The Auschwitz Volunteer

Adam Boretz -- July 18th, 2013

51qzrWpAxkL._SL300_Today in Behind the Audio, we take a look at Audible’s recording of The Auschwitz Volunteer: Beyond Bravery, Witold Pilecki’s account of his nearly three-year incarceration in Auschwitz.

In 1940, the Polish Underground wanted to learn more about the recently opened Auschwitz. A Polish army officer, Pilecki volunteered to be arrested by the Germans and report back from inside the camp. His subsequent intelligence reports were among the first eyewitness accounts of Auschwitz atrocities.

The audio edition of The Auschwitz Volunteer will be narrated by the Marek Probosz, who also played the Pilecki in the recent television film, The Death of Captain Pilecki.

Check out the following behind-the-scenes interview in which Probosz talks about Pilecki, his experiences at Auschwitz, and this important audiobook.

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