‘The Adventures of Augie March’ in Pie Chart Form

Gabe Habash -- June 6th, 2013


Holy Lord and God! I know man’s labor must be one of those deals figured out by Providence that saves him by preserving him, or he would be hungry, he would freeze, or his brittle neck would be broke. But what curious and strange forms he ends up surviving in, becoming them in the process.

During the course of his adventures, Augie makes stops in Canada, Mexico, Paris, and in those places he gets involved in human trafficking, protests, and war. Not to mention he gets kicked in the head by a horse. Not to mention a lot of people tell him about their problems.

With all the picaresque fun spanning Bellow’s huge book, it’s easy to lose sight of all the moving pieces. That makes it a perfect candidate for a PWxyz Pie™. What pie is it? Why, a Chicago deep dish pizza pie, of course. As if you even had to ask.

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