The Great Big Reading Poll

Gabe Habash -- May 23rd, 2013

big book

The last Official PWxyz Poll we did saw To Kill a Mockingbird win the Great American Novel title. Now: we want to know about how you read. Print or digital? New or used? Bookmark or dogear? See if you’re as neurotic as other PWxyz readers!


32 thoughts on “The Great Big Reading Poll

  1. Nancy Brisson

    I have downsized my book collection and now have a much more portable selection. I love print books but they are too heavy to move, so now I rely mostly on the library, and I do purchase e-books.

  2. Wendy

    So many questions depend on fiction or non-fiction. I only read one fiction book at a time, but will have several non-fiction and short story collections going at once. Also, I write in non-fiction, but never in fiction.

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