Listen While You Work Out with Macmillan Audio

Adam Boretz -- May 20th, 2013


Just in time for Spring, our pals over at Macmillan Audio have launched “Listen While You Work Out” — a campaign aimed at helping people get in shape by listening to audiobooks.

Macmillan is encouraging its staff, colleagues, and listeners to use audiobooks as a way to log in extra time at the gym. Just by continuing to work out until the end of whatever chapter (or book) they’re listening to, people can burn more calories and get in shape more quickly.

Participants can log the hours spent working out while listening to audiobooks to track how much more they’ve exercised. As you can see from Macmillan’s Facebook page, people are really racking up some impressive numbers — with Macmillan’s own Esther leading the pack with a whopping 900 plus minutes active!

And, the campaign is getting some serious press — check out these stories from Fitness Magazine, Parents, and Fox. Summer may be almost here, but “Listen While You Work Out” is far from over. So sign up, download an audiobook, grab your iPod, and get to the gym today.

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