Beckett’s Trilogy in Pie Chart Form

Gabe Habash -- May 9th, 2013


Then I went back into the house and wrote, It is midnight. The rain is beating on the windows. It was not midnight. It was not raining.

We’ve been at this literary pie chart thing for awhile now (other pie charts: UnderworldMadame Bovary, Crime and Punishment, The Metamorphosis, Ulysses, and 2666), but making a pie out of Samuel Beckett’s Trilogy is the most challenging yet. Modernist Cuisine challenging. So, in order to do justice to the writer’s masterwork, we special-ordered an emulsifier and a blowtorch. And though we stunk up the PWxyz kitchen during our many failed attempts using logic, reason, and hope, just when we thought we couldn’t go on, we went on.

Here’s our steaming Melton Mowbray pork pie, an ode to the hatchet/bludgeon work of Lemuel, Molloy, and Jacques.beckett2

*Other ways to put this: proposition/negation; function/inverse function; considering/reconsidering

5 thoughts on “Beckett’s Trilogy in Pie Chart Form

  1. nathan

    while some categories – rain, stone sucking, bicycles, even crawling/inertia – are self explanatory, it would be nice to see two or three examples of identity, limitations, the universe’s clockwork and especially opposites. maybe a couple of proposition/negation quotes, some function/inverse function quotes and examples of considering/reconsidering. possible? thanks

  2. Robert

    Very nicely sliced. I might have found a percentage point for bodily function, but I suppose farts and turds (or are those Unnameable on this forum?) could find their way, in Sam’s world, into Identity or even The Universe’s Clockwork…

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