‘Ulysses’ in Pie Chart Form

Gabe Habash -- September 27th, 2012

Here’s a steaming, segmented pie chart for Joyce’s steaming, segmented masterpiece. If you’re keeping track, we’ve already baked pies for Underworld (shepherd’s pie), Madame Bovary (strawberry rhubarb), Crime and Punishment (mince), and The Metamorphosis (apple).

As always, we bake our PWxyz pies fresh and leave them out on our windowsill for your olfactory enjoyment, before digging into that fresh Gorgonzola and mustard pie. As a bonus, we’ve made a second mini pie, because, let’s be honest, Ulysses probably could have about 10 pies.


*Here’s a sub-pie chart for Ulysses’ references.

6 thoughts on “‘Ulysses’ in Pie Chart Form

  1. Eleonore

    This is a funny idea, and well executed, but I hope nobody takes it too seriously because although interesting it’s unfair to quantify art this way, as in the line I once read, “Statistics are like a girl in a bikini: they show you a lot, but they don’t show you everything.”

  2. Kevin A. Lewis

    This is one of those utterly incoherent Oh-God-somebody-shoot-me-how-this-piece-of-crap-ever-become-a-classic pies; you’re all by yourself on this pigout, dude……….

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