The Best Kurt Vonnegut Book (Readers’ Pick)

Gabe Habash -- September 20th, 2012

Last week, using the hashtag #bestvonnegut we asked our extremely well-read Twitter followers what their favorite Kurt Vonnegut book is, and they responded in a big way. The winner is…

Slaughterhouse-Five, with 28% of the vote. The result makes sense since SH5 is probably Vonnnegut’s most-read and most famous book (and we also put it as the #1 book that inspires the most tattoos). Second place was very close, with Breakfast of Champions just edging The Sirens of Titan. User “jen johnson” had this to say about her pick: “You never forget a first love. Breakfast of Champions. #myfirstvonnegut is the #bestvonnegut!”

If you didn’t get to vote, tell us your favorite Vonnegut in the comments below–and keep an eye out for more polls on our Twitter page!


*the following books received one vote each: Hocus Pocus, God Bless You, Mr. Rosewater, Welcome to the Monkey House, Player Piano, Man Without a Country


9 thoughts on “The Best Kurt Vonnegut Book (Readers’ Pick)

  1. Chris Benson

    I don’t think I got to vote on this one – I’ve always thought that Sirens of Titan was his best by a fairly wide margin. I first stumbled on Breakfast in our high school library, and it was amusing and appropriate to my adolescent mind with the cartoonish illustrations and all, but there’s just so much more depth in Sirens.

  2. shackpoet

    “Cat’s Cradle” is my vote. I was amazed that when I asked my 9th grade world religion teacher if I could write my paper on Bokonoism she said it was a great idea!

    1. Andy

      I had a really similar experience in 8th grade. We were asked to write a report on an autobiography, and my teacher allowed me to use Slaughterhouse Five. What a kickass guy!

  3. Chris Kolbach

    Totally agree that SH5 and Breakfast of Champions are top three material – however, surprised to see Bluebeard not even rate a mention. It belongs in the same echelons as the two previously mentioned to my mind

  4. Mark Seattle

    It will always be Slaughterhouse Five. It was assigned reading in 10th grade and it was the first novel that really worked for me. It revealed the world as messy, horrible, delicate and navigable. Thanks to Mrs. Block for being such a remarkable teacher and allowing clarity, confusion, and unanswered questions to thrive.

  5. Barbara Alpert

    The book I loved the most and always will is his story collection WELCOME TO THE MONKEY HOUSE. For me, Vonnegut’s range, originality, and heart come through best in these unique stories.

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