14 Underrated Books (Readers’ Picks)

Gabe Habash -- August 30th, 2012

Earlier this week, we took to Twitter and asked you, our readers, what one book you loved and thought more people should read using the hashtag #underratedbook. We picked some of our favorite responses below, and have included our PW review where applicable. Be sure to take a look at the hashtag for the complete list of underrated books–you just might find a great book you’d never heard about.


PW Review of In Pharaoh’s Army



PW Review of The Believers



PW Review of Waltz of the Asparagus People


PW Review of The End of the Alphabet



PW Review of The Flamenco Academy




PW Review of The Rings of Saturn


PW Review of A Long Way Gone


PW Review of The Long Walk



 PW Review of Pandora in the Congo


8 thoughts on “14 Underrated Books (Readers’ Picks)

  1. Ted Fontenot

    Thomas Berger’s Reinhart in Love

    John Barth’s The Floating Opera

    Peter De Vries’s Let Me Count the Ways

    Kingsley Amis’s Stanley and the Women

  2. Georgie R

    I haven’t heard of any of those books! And to be honest (I know it’s judgemental but…) none of the titles interest me – apart from the YA one mentioned. The cover and title are the first thing a person notices about a book, so it has to be catchy & make you want to pick it up. Sorry if these books are amazing, but I haven’t ever even seen them!

    1. Missy

      Don’t feel bad, Georgie, I haven’t heard of any of these either. And like you, none of them even sound remotely interesting to me. So far this year I’ve read 165 books so it’s not a lack of me reading. That being said, I read for escapism and enjoyment so I doubt many of the books I enjoy would ever be listed as literay masterpieces.

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