Dark Corners of the Book-Related Internet

Gabe Habash -- July 23rd, 2012

Welcome to Dark Corners of the Book-Related Internet, where we distill hours of book-related internet searching into 5 little tidbits we think you’ll love. Have a good week, everyone.

1. This Tumblr, because it’s like finding the log of a ship that went down.

2. This video:

3. Frank Delany’s RE:JOYCE, a 22-year project parsing Joyce’s Ulysses.

4. Underground New York Public Library, because every time you see someone reading a book you loved, you get excited on their behalf.

5. This Nabokov interview, if only because of the quote, “My characters are galley slaves.”

One thought on “Dark Corners of the Book-Related Internet

  1. Magdalena Ball

    I’ve been so loving Frank Delaney’s Re:Joyce. I can’t recommend it highly enough. For those who love Ulysses, it’s a fantastic, super-detailed and utterly enjoyable refresher. For those who are new to Joyce’s masterpiece, the free podcast is a very urbane, easy to follow, and super slow (tiny pieces that won’t take too much time) guide to read along with.

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