5 Perfect Sentences

Gabe Habash -- July 16th, 2012

To get your week going on the right foot, here are 5 beautiful sentences.


When we are green, still half-created, we believe that our dreams are rights, that the world is disposed to act in our best interests, and that falling and dying are for quitters.

-This Boy’s Life by Tobias Wolff

He was beginning to see her as a locked garden that he could sneak into and sit in for days, tearing the heads off the flowers.

-”A Romantic Weekend” by Mary Gaitskill

Light would force each salt calyx to open in prisms, and to fruit heavily with bright globes of water—peaches and grapes are little more than that, and where the world was salt there would be greater need of slaking.

-Housekeeping by Marilynne Robinson

He knew he was going to die but he thought this little thing might provide him with a nothing stool way off in the corner of heaven that nobody cared about.

-The Known World by Edward P. Jones

Solemnly I weighed in my hand what I was carrying under my left armpit, and for a moment I found myself enriched with an indescribable amazement as if informed that fireflies were making decodable signals on behalf of stranded spirits, or that a bat was writing a legible tale of torture in the bruised and branded sky.

-Pale Fire by Vladimir Nabokov

7 thoughts on “5 Perfect Sentences

  1. Cheryl Christians

    “Tish-ah!” said the grass. “Tish-ah, tish-ah!” Never had it said anything else—never would it say anything else. It bent resiliently under the trampling feet; it did not break, but it complained aloud every time—for nothing like this had ever happened to it before. -O.E. Rolvaag, Giants in the Earth, a Saga of the Prairie

  2. Sam

    From You Shall Know Our Velocity! by Eggers, “So he’d slept with too many people, including the bride’s sister Sheila, soft-shouldered and romantic – and it hadn’t ended well, and Hand, being Hand, had forgotten it all, the connection between Sheila and the bride and it was so awkward, that wedding, so clumsy and wrong.”

  3. Betsy

    Another addition:
    “She had known happiness, exquisite happiness, intense happiness, and it silvered the rough waves a little more brightly, as daylight faded, and the blue went out of the sea and it rolled in waves of pure lemon which curved and swelled and broke upon the beach and the ecstasy burst in her eyes and waves of pure delight raced over the floor of her mind and she felt, It is enough! It is enough!” -Virginia Woolf, To the Lighthouse

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