‘Crime and Punishment’ in Pie Chart Form

Gabe Habash -- June 12th, 2012

If you were some kind of wise guy, you could pie chart Crime and Punishment like this: 95% punishment, and 5% crime. But PWxyz takes pie charts seriously, and we didn’t spend all that money on all this hi-tech pie-making equipment just to mail our pies in. We carefully craft our pies (previously, Underworld pie and Madame Bovary pie) with the finest ingredients.

Raskolnikov said: “The fear of aesthetics is the first symptom of powerlessness.” Well, then we are powerless, Mr. Raskolnikov, for we care about aesthetics. Ah, put down that axe!

5 thoughts on “‘Crime and Punishment’ in Pie Chart Form

  1. Kevin A. Lewis

    This brings up the old technique for defining the diffierence between a French, American, and a Russian novel… In the American novel the boy chases a girl until she catches him; in a French novel the girl chases the boy till he catches her; in Russia they glare at each other from across the street and obsess about it for the next 800 pages……..

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