Good Books, Good Movies: Carver Fans Should Check Out ‘Everything Must Go’

Gabe Habash -- May 11th, 2012

I know this isn’t a new movie, but last year’s Everything Must Go, based on the Raymond Carver story “Why Don’t You Dance?”, is a treat, and it’s now available on Netflix Instant. It’s 10 times the film Short Cuts is, and, miraculously, actually feels like a Carver story made into a film. Will Ferrell’s Nick Halsey in Everything Must Go plays like Will Ferrell’s Harold Crick in Stranger Than Fiction, but even more reserved. The film uses quiet and introspection the way Carver’s writing uses subtext and between-the-lines meaning, as well as employing a Carveresque tone–a mixture of pathos, quotidian wonder, wry humor, and touching humanity.

It’s the perfect movie for a lazy weekend afternoon.

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