This Book Costs $1,000

Gabe Habash -- May 8th, 2012

Move over, Modernist Cuisine. Taschen, publisher of expensive, limited edition books has a new ceiling with this expensive, limited edition book: Marilyn & Me costs $1,000, or $2,000 if you want to splurge on the even more limited Art Edition.

Written by Lawrence Schiller, the book is a visual memoir of the photographer’s relationship with Marilyn Monroe, whom he photographed on the set of Something’s Got to Give. Here is what you get for the price:

  • Collector’s Edition of 1,712 numbered copies (books numbered No. 251–1,962) signed by the photographer. Also available in two Art Editions of 125 copies, each with an original photograph
  • The book and clamshell box are covered in a custom woven duchesse silk from one of the world’s most distinguished silk mills, Taroni, of Como, Italy
  • Printed on archival paper
  • Four foldouts, with one gatefold measuring a full 110 cm (44 in.) across
  • Translation booklet of the text available in German, French and Spanish with purchase upon request

The two Art Editions, which sell for $2,000 and are limited to 125 number copies each, come with either of these two signed images:

Order here.

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