Steinbeck’s Signed Will Costs $14,000 on eBay

Gabe Habash -- February 21st, 2012

An easy way to find strange books on eBay is to sort by price highest to lowest. That’s how you’ll find John Steinbeck’s original will selling for $14,250. That makes it the fifth most expensive “fiction and literature” book on the site. That’s respectable, but nowhere near this book, which’ll tell you exactly when the End of Days is going to happen.

Said to be one of two originals (the other filed in the public records), the document was signed in August 1968, four months before Steinbeck died. Every page is initialed and the final page is signed “John Ernest Steinbeck”–a rarity, as Steinbeck normally left out his middle name (and often included the Pigasus) when signing.

Maybe the eventual buyer can sort out the mess his heirs can’t seem to get themselves out of.



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