Hashtag of the Moment: #bookswithalettermissing

John A. Sellers -- August 2nd, 2011

As we post, Twitter’s more literary corners are having fun with the latest book-themed, procrastination-inducing hashtag, #bookswithalettermissing, which, with the stroke of a delete key, turns Dickens into an ill-conceived ice cream flavor (Liver Twist, courtesy of @NicholasPegg) and C.S. Lewis’s The Silver Chair into a meditation on aging, The Silver Hair (via @lisibo). Writers and publishers are getting in on the action, too. Kate Wilson, @NosyCrow, has offered such gems as The Collected Woks of William Shakespeare and Far from the Adding Crowd (“autobiography of an accountant-turned-smallholder”), and YA author Patrick Ness’s contributions include Homer’s The Ilia (“an epic poem about many pelvic bones”) and Joyce’s Portrait of the Artist as a Young Ma. Other favorites:

@tommydonbavand: Charlie and the Chocolate Factor
@CodeNameTanya: Notes on a Sandal
@angegarrod: Lady Chatterley’s Over
@Kari_Luana: Breaking DanNew Moo
@SteveSparshott: Laughterhouse-Five
@KBreathnach: Civilization and its Disco Tents
@Daracho: Naive Son

Got some of your own you’d like to share? Add ‘em in the comments, or join the fun on Twitter.

7 thoughts on “Hashtag of the Moment: #bookswithalettermissing

  1. Seth

    “A Movable Feat” – the story of a fictitious accomplishment that saved Paris

    “Fiends and Lovers” – but I repeat myself

    “The Ill on the Floss” – tale of sea sickness while touring England by boat

    “The Return of the Naive” – young Englishman thinks that getting covered in red will win his sweetheart’s affection

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