A Grab Bag of Hilarious Amazon Customer Reviews

Gabe Habash -- July 7th, 2011

Though most of Amazon’s customer reviews section is sound, sometimes users take the opportunity to post some not-so-nice (but often hysterical) reviews. To be fair, some of these books were asking for it.

In the Breath of a Moment: A Collection of Short Tales by Andrew Kieniksman:

Genesis by Ken Shufeldt:

The 2007-2012 Outlook for Public Building Stacking Chairs Excluding Bar, Bowling Center, Cafeteria, Library, Restaurant, and School Stacking Chairs in India by Dr. Philip M. Parker

Wild Animus by Rich Sapero:

God, Why Did Dad Lose His Job? by Katherine Marko:

Everyone Poops by Taro Gomi:

13 thoughts on “A Grab Bag of Hilarious Amazon Customer Reviews

  1. bret

    sorry, had to add my 2 cents.. very interesting. i have had moments like these, but have never had the heart to tell the truth..

  2. Bookgirl39

    Hmm I have a Twilight book that I’ve been meaning to burn. Instead I’ll use it for some of those many lovely uses. :)

  3. Ron M

    Funny Stuff–thx Seriously though, a book on stacking chairs? Who published that!?!?!?!?!?!?! And how could he leave of bowling alleys and cafeterias!

  4. Jaid Black

    these are great lol! the funniest one was the serious review about the stackable chairs “masterpiece.” still trying to figure out what stackable chairs have to do with Hindu-Muslim relations, though. Guess they throw them at each other?!

  5. M.Miles

    Most, most excellent!

    And if you haven’t yet read John E. Francisco’s seminal analysis of Marjorie Flack’s THE STORY ABOUT PING (isbn 06706722380) as a metaphor for data packet transfer, hurry over to Amazon and read that one too.

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