Literature-Map Scientifically Lets You Find Your Next Book

Gabe Habash -- June 20th, 2011

Having a tough time picking your next summer read? Head over to Gnod’s Literature-Map to get some help.

Here’s how it works: type in an author’s name and watch a constellation of similar authors explode around the name, distance relative to similarity. An example: entering current “It Author” Jennifer Egan yields matches for Helen Zahavi, Téa Obreht, Elizabeth McCracken, and Tana French.

It’s tempting to enter every author that comes to mind. Searching for Robert Coover’s map turns up three authors that are practically on top of one another: Donald Barthelme, Steve Millhauser, and George Saunders, which leads us to conclude that, because we’ve never seen all four in the same place at the same time, Coover, Barthelme, Millhauser, and Saunders are, in fact, the same person.

Using its self-adaptive system, Gnod also has a suggestion search, which lets you type in three authors you enjoy and get a recommendation from that. There are also searches for movies and music!

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