The PW Morning Report: Thursday, June 16, 2011

Craig Morgan Teicher -- June 16th, 2011

Today’s links!

Borders to Save More Stores: PaidContent reports on a deal between Borders and its lenders that could save more stores.

Apple Vs. Amazon: CNN wonders whether Amazon will comply with Apple’s new in-app purchase rules, and, if not, whether Apple will book the Kindle app from the App Store.

Brooklyn Book Fest: Here’s a list of confirmed authors appearing at this year’s Brooklyn Book Fest. From the Brooklyn Paper.

Saving a Bookstore from Hockey Fans: A Vancouver resident defends his local bookstore from rioting hockey fans. From the Globe and Mail.

More Potter: JK Rowling has unveiled a mysterious Web site at From Digital Spy.

Publishers Remember 9/11: AP looks at publishers’ low-key plans for 9/11 remembrance this year.

Timothy Leary’s Papers: the New York Public Library has bought them. From the NYT.

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