The PW Morning Report: Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Craig Morgan Teicher -- June 7th, 2011

Today’s links!

Meet iCloud: The NYT explains Apple’s new cloud computing offering.

E-book Discount: Amazon’s “Sunshine Deals” discount program is already shooting a bunch of discounted e-books up its bestseller lists. From PaidContent.

Illustrated E-books: Can they match print, asks Salon?

U.K. Children’s Laureate: Julia Donaldson has been named the U.K. Children’s Laureate for 2011-13.

Closing George: The Boston Globe on the closure of the Curious George shop in Harvard Square.

BookCourt: The Daily News looks at a beloved Brooklyn indie.

X: The Millions looks at the legacy of Malcolm X in books.

Brand Building: HuffPo talks about e-books as brand builders.

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