The PW Morning Report: Monday, June 6, 2011

Calvin Reid -- June 6th, 2011

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Fire Sale. Bankrupt Borders attracts bidders.

Hold on a second. PW’s Shelftalker blogger responds to Meghan Cox Gurdon’s controversial “Darkness Too Visible” essay in the Wall Street Journal.

In Defense. Novelist Janice Harayda offers a defense of  Gurdon’s controversial attack on dark, grim Young Adult fiction.

Raising kids; reading books. Novelist and dad Christopher John Farley looks at the Gurdon controversy and his own young son’s reading.

Steve Jobs 2.0. A forthcoming Jobs biography shoots up the list on Amazon’s business book preorders.

Have I got a book for you. Despite a tough economy and e-books, Books & Books, Mitchell Kaplan’s 7-store Florida chain, just keeps growing.

A brand new bundle. As part of its reboot/digital strategy, DC Comics announces bundling of print and digitial comics ($4.99) and new pricing strategy (digital price drops after 4 weeks).

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