A Weekend’s Worth of Vintage Book Covers

Craig Morgan Teicher -- April 29th, 2011

You probably have something fun planned for this weekend, but in case you’ve got some wide open time and want to take a look at something both extremely obsessive and extremely interesting, we direct you to this growing database of vintage book cover scans at Bookscans.com.  The site’s goal, according to its operator, is to “provide a visual catalog of ALL vintage American paperbacks (for my purposes, this is roughly the first 20 years of paperback-sized books; especially those printed before 1960 and/or having a 25¢ or 35¢ cover price).”

At the site, you’ll find tens of thousands of images like the one above, representing an extraordinary collective consciousness of creative energy and marketing.  In this age of accessible digital archives, it seems like a true shame to lose artifacts like these book covers, which tell more than words can about bygone eras. Thankfully, due to this site, among other resources, we don’t have to.

[via @melvillehouse]

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