Meet the HP TouchPad

Craig Morgan Teicher -- February 9th, 2011

This may be the first real iPad competitor to show up, mostly because it’s built to be just like the iPad, but to head off some of iPad users’ complaints: it’s HP’s entry into the tablet market, the TouchPad, just unveiled today and due to his stores this summer.

Below you’ll find HP’s promo video for it via Engadget.  eBookNewser has some more info here. The TouchPad brings Palm (now HP’s) lauded WebOS to a larger screen.  The TouchPad is the same size as the iPad, but with a camera (though the iPad 2 will have one, too).

And, of course, Amazon has already announced its Kindle app for the device, even though it will be months before anyone can get their hands, let along their e-books, on it.  Do you want one?

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