The PW Morning Report, Wednesday, Jan. 5, 2011

Craig Morgan Teicher -- January 5th, 2011

Today’s links!

Borders Begins Talks with Publishers: NYT DealBook reports on Borders’ talks with publishers, in which the company is trying to convert late payments into interest-bearing debt.

A Graphical Remembrance of the New Yorker: Artist James Stevenson recalls his summer spent working at the New Yorker inĀ  1945. Also from the NYT.

Amazon Pulls Amazon-Cheating E-Book: The Guardian reports on a Kindle book about how to cheat Amazon’s Kindle book rankings, which Amazon has pulled from the Kindle store.

The Digital Wake of the Holidays: USA Today reports that e-books outsold print in the week after the holidays.

To Digital and Beyond!: Brett Sandusky of Kaplan tells UX Magazine about his company’s transition from mostly print to mostly digital products.

The ‘N’ Word Belongs in ‘Huck Finn‘: So says a Salon columnist who takes off from our story about a sanitized ‘Huck.’

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