CES 2011 According to Time

Craig Morgan Teicher -- January 4th, 2011

What will be this year's QUE?

Time magazine tech writer Harry McCracken has devoted his weekly Technologizer column (he also keeps a blog of the same name) to speculating about the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, which happens this week. Basically, he says expect to see lots of tablets–no surprises there.  But he does make the good point that, while there will be countless unveilings of cool upcoming products, we should take those announcements lightly, as many of those products will never make it to market. Note the last example in the quote below, a product the publishing industry in particular had its eyes on for a while:

At last year’s conference, for instance, Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer used his opening keynote to unveil Slate PCs, a new type of tablet running Windows 7. They instantly fizzled. So did another of CES 2010′s allegedly hot new product categories, the supercheap netbook-type laptops known as smartbooks. Also deadwood: Plastic Logic’s much anticipated Que e-reader, which debuted at a lavish display on the show floor … and then got canceled before it ever shipped.
As far as e-readers go, that buzz seems to have died down as the market has settled on either the existing players–principally Kindle and Nook–and tablets (read: iPad), which will indeed be the subject of this year’s buzz, both in terms of e-books and the wider electronics market.
Also, check out this cool TUAW post on an iPad coloring book from Crayola that’s expected to show up at CES.

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