The PW Morning Report: Friday, Oct. 29, 2010

Craig Morgan Teicher -- October 29th, 2010

Today’s links:

Take Our E-reader Poll: Do you have plans to buy and e-reader for yourself or someone else this holiday season?  We’ve been running this poll since yesterday, and so far more people will be buying dead tree books than any e-reading device. How about you?  Weigh in before we close the poll and conduct our sophisticated analysis!

Tolstoy After 100 Years: It’s the Tolstoy centennial, and HuffPo has six essential reading recommendations to help you remember Russia’s great novelist.

Spook-E-books: Stephen King on E-reading. From the WSJ.

On Teaching Writers: The Millions wonders what’s lost and gained when teaching writers in the context of a creative writing class.

Anti-Amazon: Brooklyn-based indie press Melville House has pulled out of a translation prize because Amazon is backing it. From The Bookseller.

Atwood’s Unusual Book Tour: This is a bit old, but interesting, about Margaret Atwood’s unusual, eco-friendly book tour, with a film crew in tow. From CBC, via The Rumpus.

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