The PW Morning Report: Wednesday, Sept. 29, 2010

Craig Morgan Teicher -- September 29th, 2010

Once upon a Wednesday…

Creative Pairs: Slate looks at a couple that makes books together.

Man Found Dead in Barnes & Noble: A man was found dead yesterday in a Queens Barnes & Noble only two hours after the store opened. From The New York Post.

Anne Frank in School: The Bookseller reports on a book that will be for sale at Frankfurt containing testimonies from Anne Frank’s classmates.

Kids Like Paper and Digital: The NYT reports on a study of kids and e-reading–they’d love to read e-books, but want print, too.

Kobo and Borders Go Wireless [Press Release]: Kobo and Borders today announced the release of a new wireless Kobo e-reader.

BookScan Goes to India: Nielsen BookScan is launching in India as of 10/3, reports the Bookseller.

Blio (Negatively) Reviewed: A writer for the blog Singularity Hub mirrors the general talk about Blio’s initial launch, dubbing it “FAIL.”

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