Booktwo: A Cool Blog About the Future of Books

Craig Morgan Teicher -- September 10th, 2010

Today, the New York Times pointed to a compelling article about how WikiPedia entries are made.  The article, or post, really, came from Booktwo, a blog kept by UK-based publishing vet James Bridle, who describes himself as an enthusiast of “literature, technology and book futurism.”  In his WikiPedia post, Bridle looks closely at the way WikiPedia tracks all change made to every article, and actually bound–in 12 paper volumes!–the full records for the article on the Iraq war.

Other recent posts look at the pricing of the Tony Blair memoir, the past and future of the novel and the ways “technology, literature and sex are all bound up together.”  Bridle is opinionated and often funny.  We thought you might like to know about what he’s up to.

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