The Wall Street Journal to Launch Pull-Out Books Section

Craig Morgan Teicher -- September 9th, 2010

In a moves that goes contrary to the prevailing trend of cutting books coverage, the Wall Street Journal will be launching its own pull-out stand-alone books section in the next few weeks, according to the Observer. The section will be inserted into a new, soon-to-be-launched part of the Weekend Journal.

Here’s more from the Observer:

The section will be led by Robert Messenger who has been an editor at The Weekly Standard, a former editor of The Atlantic and — surprise! — one of the founding editors of The New York Sun. Mr. Messenger will be in charge of the weekly book review section and will also oversee the Journal‘s daily book reviews for the web and for the paper. Erich Eichman, who has been the books editor at the Journal since 1994, will now report to Mr. Messenger.

Perhaps the WSJ sees an opportunity in all the cutting of books coverage–founding a new section now makes the paper one of the last to feature stand-alone books coverage.

6 thoughts on “The Wall Street Journal to Launch Pull-Out Books Section

  1. Adriana

    This is welcome news to me as I have been a digital subscriber to wsj online for many years. To be fair, they have always featured a variety of topics, titles and publishers. But the coverage seemed sparse, inconsistent – and reviews were hard to find. The titles do tend to lean on the conservative side, and is what readers expect from the WSJ. I wonder if that will change under the leadership of Robert Messenger.

  2. Francis Hamit

    There has been a void in the cultural conversation about books for years now. If WSJ can fill this with something rather than ad-oriented coverage of big New York publishers and look at everything that is being published then this section will have real impact and increase its circulation.

  3. clay

    It’s good for advertising is what the Journal is saying by starting in with the book reviews. They know that the ereaders will carry their paper in the Majority of households eventually, and with that they can pop an easy link to an Amazon or Borders or Smashwords and get a nice bit of change.

    Smart move by the journal. We can never have enough book reviews of singular books. The more opinions the better and the less Rote ones are all the better.

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