Catchy Concepts in Kids’ Books

Diane Roback -- August 31st, 2010

Hollywood loves the pithy pitch. “Stranded alien phones home.” Kung Fu Panda. And the famous “Jaws on paws.” There’s something compelling about a concept that can be summed up succinctly and cleverly. And especially for children’s books, visually as well. So today we give a tip of the hat to some of our favorite high-concept titles and jackets for the fall season.


Any other suggestions?

7 thoughts on “Catchy Concepts in Kids’ Books

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  2. Jessica Leader

    I think these are also notable because they have excellent titles! One-worders have the potential for pithiness, but it seems like these punny, word-heavy titles were more inspiring for designers. (“Hold me Closer, Necromancer” is about the funniest rehash ever. Has he sent a copy to Elton, I hope?)

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