Borders Reduces E-reader to $99

Craig Morgan Teicher -- August 31st, 2010

The $99 price point on e-readers has officially been reached!  Beware the crowds on the street rushing to Borders to adopt the habit of digital reading.

The Borders group reduced the price of the two e-readers it sells–the Kobo and Aluratek e-readers–to $129 and $99 respectively.  No doubt Borders hopes to make up for its late entry into the e-reader market by undercutting competitors on price, and in fact Borders has, with this move, undercut all its major competitors.  According to the press release, “The price reduction of Borders’ best-selling eReaders further emphasizes the company’s commitment to delivering even more choice and value to customers.”

The $99 Aluratek reader is currently available online-only, but will be hitting stores this week; the Kobo reader is currently available both online and in stores.

And discounting e-readers sure beats selling teddy bears.

9 thoughts on “Borders Reduces E-reader to $99

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  2. Archy Ice

    Close more Waldens, close 100 poorest performing Borders stores and put the money into giving away ereaders to everyone in their memebrship program and load it with 10 eBooks free and make it disgustingly EASY to buy more. That’s how you move away from your stodgy model and start building a different customer base and customer experience and maybe, just maybe, compete with Amazon. Used books and Teddy Bears??? OMG what genius thought of that? If their customer is overwhelmingly female then possibly a great spices and cooking appliance section is next. Why not a “As Seen On TV” endcap? Who is investing in this place anyway and why?

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  4. Raouf S.

    It’s not Kobo that matters, it’s the reaction of Amazon and Apple, would they let others try and get a bigger share of the eBook pie?

    However the outcome may be, consumers and readers end up with a better deal!

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