The PW Morning Report: Thursday, Aug. 26, 2010

Craig Morgan Teicher -- August 26th, 2010

Look out later today for our review of the Kindle 3!  And look at these links in the meantime!

Pogue on the Kindle 3: The New York Times inimitable tech columnist offers his take on the new Kindle.

Picoult and Weiner Vs. Franzen: The two authors talk to HuffPo about their outcry against all the Franzen buzz.

Barnes & Noble Board Slams Burkle: They say he’s unfit for the board, reports the WSJ.

Obama Hasn’t Read Franzen Yet: But this story from the Boston Globe gives you the play-by-play of what he’s doing while he’s not reading it.

A Mockingjay Slideshow: New York Magazine has pics of crazed fans first getting their hands on the book.

Meet Digital Editions: Publishing Perspectives interviews Peter Collingridge of the enhanced e-book company.

2 thoughts on “The PW Morning Report: Thursday, Aug. 26, 2010

  1. michael

    Read your comments about Kindle 3 but for some reason I can post here but not there.

    All these reviews of the Kindle 3 are so timely since in about a month or two the holiday shopping period will make the current Kindle 3 excitement a precursor to buyers regret.

    Is there anyone who does not think the e-readers will drop in price for the holidays season? I see no reason to spend $189 to upgrade from Kindle 2 to 3, but I might if Kindle 3′s price drops below $99.

    Will Amazon Kindle go to open format once Google joins the fun, reportedly sometime this fall?

    The time to pay any attention to e-reader reviews will be later this fall, not now.

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