HP Web OS Tablet Coming Early 2011

Craig Morgan Teicher -- August 20th, 2010

Source: Pocket Lint

At last, some iPad competitors are coming to market.  According to Pocket Lint, HP has confirmed that a Web OS (the mobile operating system developed by Palm, which HP recently acquired) tablet will hit the streets in early 2011.

Apple’s had a nice, long lead in the tablet game, but just as the iPhone clones have come to own a good percentage of the smartphone market, we can expect other companies tablets–some of which will be cheaper and more open–to do the same in the tablet market.  HP’s entry could be a big play, and add a whole lot of real estate to e-reading city.

Would you buy one of these over an iPad?

4 thoughts on “HP Web OS Tablet Coming Early 2011

  1. Pete

    Honestly, I don’t know why anyone buys anything not made by Apple. I was a hardcore PC (and anti-apple) guy up until about 3 years ago when I took the plunge and gave a Macbook Pro a try. It turns out that I wasted 20 years of my adult computing life wasting time with PCs. I refuse to buy anything non-Apple anymore. It’s better in every possible way. Anyone that argues that simply has an irrational bias.

  2. Melissa

    I have to say that I am an Apple girl through and through (love my MacBook Pro and my iPod), but I also haven’t rushed out to buy an iPad yet. I love the design and functionality of them, but I already have an eReader, so it might be awhile before I ever bought a tablet device.

    Would I buy an HP tablet over the iPad? Well, that depends, despite being an Apple girl, I could go over to the dark PC side if I thought that the product would be compatible with my current set up AND had the same (or better) functionality. I won’t sacrifice my Apple computer, but perhaps, I would get a non-Apple tablet.

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