Franzen Also Profiled in Vogue

Craig Morgan Teicher -- August 12th, 2010

Does Franzen have a book coming out or something?  Jeez.  Not only is he the first living writer to take the cover of Time in a decade, but he’s also the subject of a profile in the September issue of Vogue.  You can read the whole profile right now at the magazine’s Web site, but here’s a juicy excerpt:

Freedom is my most autobiographical book,” [Franzen] says. “There is not a thing in it that actually happened to me, and yet it’s the book that draws most directly on my experience of being, and the path my life has taken. To take the lid off the innermost can of worms, which is what I feel I did in this book, I went to all the stuff I was most ashamed of, most uncomfortable writing about, stuff that was least resolved in me.”

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