The PW Morning Report: Friday, Aug. 6 2010

Craig Morgan Teicher -- August 6th, 2010

Friday is Myday…

Apple’s Agency Model Scrutinized in UK: Now that Amazon has launched its UK Kindle Store, Apple’s agency model is under fire in the UK. From the Bookseller.

Building An Audience for Translation: Chad Post talks about how it needs to be done over at Publishing Perspectives.

What Makes People Pick Which Book to Buy: Another great HuffPo story (from a couple days ago), in which the author asks her friends what influences their book buying decisions.  She comes up with a list of popular reasons for book buying–useful!

The House that Larsson Built: Quercus was tiny when it bought The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo.  Now it’s really big. From the Independent.

Did Amazon Learn Business from Robber Barons?: The Vancouver Sun compares Amazon’s pricing tactics to robber barrons’ much older business tactics.

Forthcoming: Salinger’s Secrets: Turns out there’s a lengthy bio and a documentary in the works. From GalleyCat.

The Other PW on the Rumpus Book Club: Poets & Writers follows up on the Rumpus Book Club, which we reported on a few weeks ago

One thought on “The PW Morning Report: Friday, Aug. 6 2010

  1. Theresa M. Moore

    The article about Amazon imitating robber barons of the 19th and 20th centuries contains some discrepancies. Amazon charges a hefty commission on the sale of ebooks, which means that the publisher receives substantially less than the advertised price. The other problem is the popularity of Amazon as a shopping venue, which people prefer to use instead of going direct to the publisher or bookseller online. Both these considerations make it difficult to make an antitrust case stick unless the AGs can come up with more than just the hint of predatory pricing. If they really want to get going on this, they can just look at the number of customers inconvenienced by Amazon’s refusal to address their complaints and also their bad bookkeeping. Sellers trying to earn a fair living off Amazon sales are often shorted. That is definitely something to examine.

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