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APA Surveys Show Growth in Audiobook Sales

Adam Boretz -- December 31st, 2012

The Audio Publishers Association conducted two surveys that reveal the industry’s continued growth and highlight the value of audiobooks to the consumer marketplace.

The annual APA Sales Survey compiled reports from audio publisher sales in the year 2011. Additionally, the 2012 Consumer Survey, “Understanding the Audiobook Buyer in the Digital Age,” was conducted to find out more qualitative information about the behaviors and attitudes of the audiobook listener.

“What these surveys confirm is that audiobooks continue to tap into consumers’ need for a convenient way to support their active lifestyles. Audio publishers pioneered the digital publishing movement and we continue to grow and produce more every year in this era, while continuing to support the formats long appreciated by the listening public,” said Michele Cobb, APA President.

Here’s a sampling of the Survey Results:

What is the size of the audiobook market?

  • According to the consumer survey, audiobooks’ appeal has expanded. Forty-six percent of consumer survey respondents have listened to an audiobook at some point (compared to 37 percent in the previous study in 2010) and 24 percent have listened to an audiobook in the last year (compared to 19 percent in the previous study).
  • The results of the sales survey showed unit sales of audiobooks in 2011 were up 13 percent since 2010. The estimated size of the audiobook industry is now $1.2 billion.

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Now Hear This: June Is Audiobook Month!

Adam Boretz -- June 11th, 2012

June is Audiobook Month is in full swing — with everyone getting in on the act with giveaways, interviews, awards, tributes, deals, and much, much more.

Maybe you’ve seen this #JIAM2012 post from Emily’s Reading Room. Or this Ode to the Audiobook. Or this interview on Home Cooked Books with our pal Michele Cobb about The Audiobook as a Shared Experience and all the great #JIAM2012 deals at Tantor Media.

And, of course, there’s the Daily #JIAM2012 Video, from StudioRFM featuring Robert Fass and the likes of Johnny Heller, Simon Vance, Dion Graham, Simon Prebble — just to name a few.

Here’s Video Number 1 to get you started — you’re going to want to watch them all!

What are you doing for #JIAM2012? Let us know is our Comments Section.