Hachette Releases Audio Edition of Infinite Jest

Adam Boretz -- April 19th, 2012

Fans of David Foster Wallace rejoice: Hachette Audio this month released the audio edition of the author’s classic novel Infinite Jest.

According to Megan Fitzpatrick, associate director of marketing and publicity for Hachette Digital and Hachette Audio, the audiobook clocks in at over 56 hours and includes a bonus PDF of the author’s famous and copious endnotes.

Fitzpatrick says the team at Hachette — which includes director of production Michele McGonigle, narrator Sean Pratt, producer/director John McElroy, editors, and quality control staff — spent about 756 hours bringing Infinite Jest to audio.

Fans of DFW audios will remember that McElroy was behind the scenes of Hachette’s audio production of The Pale King – which was profiled by PW in this CASE STUDY.


2 thoughts on “Hachette Releases Audio Edition of Infinite Jest

    1. Peter Knox

      I have a feeling that a 56 hour audiobook at its most compressed format of 2 hrs per disc would run 28 or more CDs, unwieldy for most purchasers. Pretty sure you can still download the digital and burn those 28-56 cds if you’d like. Perfect for cross country road trips.


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