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Sounds of Autumn: Fall 2012 Audio Listings

Adam Boretz -- July 18th, 2012

Wondering what great audiobooks are slated for release this Fall? Well, you’ve come to the right place. Publishers Weekly’s Fall Audio Listings are now available in print and online.

Take a look below for a sneak peek, and check out THIS LINK for the complete listings.

Though the memoir genre is always strong, numerous publishers are clearly hoping that memoirs and biographies of music icons will hit all the right notes with listeners this fall. There are no fewer than 10 titles featuring such legendary artists as Elton John, Bruce Springsteen, Neil Young, Pete Townshend, and Willie Nelson sharing their artistry and life stories. Neil Peart, the drummer for rock band Rush, has written a novel based on his lyrics, and there’s an inside look at cable network MTV, too, which tackles another side of the music business.

There is an autumn bounty of fiction debuts for adults as well as younger readers, with a bent toward literary tales. The newcomers are joined by several highly anticipated titles from prolific authors: Michael Chabon, J.K. Rowling, Alice Munro, Zadie Smith. Fantasy-adventure — including forays into dystopian worlds, time travel, and paranormal phenomenon — is still prevalent among the children’s and young adult titles, and has inspired the launch of several new series starring dragons, angels, and souls adrift.

We’re sure that audiophiles will find plenty of comfort listening to their favorite authors in the perennially popular categories — mystery, thriller, sci-fi, romance. It’s all here for the taking — and giving — as the holiday season is just a few calendar pages away.